In my years as a therapist, I repeatedly thought that so much good could come to my clients if they could interact and share their stories of struggle, growth, and strength.  I imagined a place where people experiencing unique life situations could meet and find someone else to connect with without feeling pitied, wrongly judged, or feeling like a broken human needing to be fixed.

We all thrive when we feel connected and understood by those around us.  People struggling with chronic concerns that affect their sense of well-being, such as relationship and health problems, grief, addiction, or PTSD, often feel isolated, as if no one else could ever relate to their internal worlds. I witnessed this firsthand watching my father, a veteran of World War II. He was a man of deep faith, bright, socially gifted, and deeply affected by PTSD from his war service. He never talked about it but I knew from his inability to keep a job, difficulty with honesty, and his struggles with addiction that he was a lonely man surrounded by family and friends. He is the inspiration behind the Sequoia program.

Every practitioner and every service offered at Sequoia Integrative Therapies is geared towards the goal of creating a shared feeling of being known, understood, and supported by others on the same path. Whether you choose to do traditional psychotherapy only, or you decide to add on some of our class or group offerings, you will encounter opportunities at Sequoia to connect and be inspired by the resilient lives of your peers.Sequoia Practitioners operate with the philosophy that what is needed for your health is within you; perhaps forgotten, lost, or inaccessible. We want to help restore you to a wonderful sense of balance and well-being.

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We look forward to seeing you in our new space. Our counselors offer individual or couples therapy for men and women struggling with sexual addiction, trauma, and relationship and intimacy issues. Choosing a good therapist that is a good fit for you, whom you can trust and work well with is an important part of recovery. Choose the right provider for you.