Betrayal Trauma Counseling

Don’t live in the past

Heal & Recover your spark

All of these concerns and more are issues we can support you with as you feel kindness, support, and concern from our providers. We have specialized training to support the unique needs of betrayed partners. Sequoia has a unique approach for those who have been betrayed by a partner struggling with sex addiction. In these cases, when the person struggling with the addiction chooses to stay in the relationship, often there is a great deal of motivation for change when their partners set healthy boundaries and insist that they engage in therapy and recovery efforts. Sequoia therapists coordinate care with each other. With the permission of their clients, therapists incorporate an accountability system within and between counselors treating each partner. This helps rebuild feelings of safety, trust, and intimacy in the coupleship.

Sequoia Integrative Counseling specializes in helping those suffering from betrayal trauma to recover. Common concerns we hear from people struggling with this are:

I can’t function normally — I’m obsessive, checking and re-checking things, I can’t concentrate, I have nightmares, I have triggers everywhere, I have revenge fantasies, I’m hurting so much that I just want to disappear (maybe some suicidal ideation) How do I stop the pain?

Should I stay with my partner or leave the relationship?

If I stay in the relationship how do I trust again?

How do I know what is real anymore?

My kids are unaware and I’m a mess. What do I tell them?

I feel so stupid and worthless. Why was I not enough? What did I do wrong?

I’m in a sex trap with my partner — I want to have sex to be reassured that they still want me, and I’m also repulsed at times that they have been with someone else behind my back or fantasizing about someone else.

I have no one who will understand or who I can talk to. Everyone thinks my partner is amazing and loyal and I don’t want to tell our friends.

My spiritual and faith foundations are shaken and crumbling. I don’t know what to do when these things don’t support me the way they once did.

My partner won’t do counseling or admit they need help and I don’t know how to handle this.

My partner left me without any explanation after cheating and I have no closure in this relationship.