Couples Counseling

Don’t live in the past

Heal & Recover your love

Sequoia specializes in the specific needs of couples needing support as they grow together towards healthier intimacy. Some of the concerns we address that are common in our work are:

Helping to restore trust and getting out of the “bad guy cycle” when one partner has betrayed the trust of the other.

Helping to develop empathy when the relationship has been damaged severely. Sometimes one partner more than the other is unaware of how to show and express empathy to their partner who is in pain. They often get stuck in their own pain and frustration and fear that showing empathy may cause their own feelings and needs to be ignored.

Struggles with communication issues; often, what lies underneath communication struggles is unconscious trauma that couples haven’t unpacked surfacing in how they communicate with each other. Other times, couples just need help learning new habits to create connections and reclaim a healthy sex life together.

Repair and restructuring of the relationship after an attachment breach. Attachment breaches happen for many reasons, and depending on the source and context of the bond that has been weakened, we can address the need for repair. Once repair is established, we can teach couples how to maintain a connected relationship and work towards proactive, and in-the-moment repairs to keep the relationship strong and healthy.