Don’t live in the past

Heal & Recover

Relationships, Partners & Sex Addicts in General: for relationships addicts and partners of sex addicts

[email protected] help for sex addiction recovery

• Alan Robarge-good videos on Youtube about love addiction grief and loss support for parents who have lost children grief support

• Feel your Feelings–guided meditations for Christians/Brook Snow

• Ekhart Tolle on Youtube and elsewhere

Support for Sexual Addiction: 12 step recovery support groups, materials, etc. A great site to find online groups and support and information a 12 step meet-up and support site. Groups are in person or online /”Path for Men”-support tools for men with sex addiction is a site for Christian men seeking SA recovery and support. They
have good intensives for men who have struggled with a loss of faith

• IITAP (International) Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals

SASH (Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health)

Udemi and Coursera websites that have courses on developing emotional intelligence

Support for Betrayal Trauma & Partners of Sex Addicts: email: [email protected] – Michelle Mays channel – “Help. Her. Heal Carol Juergenson Sheets -” bloom for women”

• Book: Beyond Bitchy; Mastering the Art of Boundaries by Vicky Tidwell Palmer 12 step group for partners of sex addicts