Sex and Intimacy Concerns

Don’t live in the past

Heal & Recover

Sequoia Integrative Counseling clinicians are interested in helping to build and or restore healthy intimacy in your life and that includes, but is not limited to your sex life. Couples and individuals seek us out for help with:

Support in defining a sense of personal sexual values and identity.

Healing past sexual trauma.

Sexual preference differences and healthy communication around sex in a coupleship.

Healthy sex in the context of high demand religious and sex-negative cultural influences.

Desire differences; when one partner wants more and the other partner wants less sex.

Creating a connection with your significant other outside of sex –creating a stronger sense of emotional sharing, closeness, and fun in the relationship.

Restoring healthy sex when recovery from sex addiction is a part of the equation.

Help with sexual function issues such as erectile dysfunction, difficulty with orgasm, premature ejaculation, painful sex can be topics for exploration to see if relationship dynamics are contributing to the issue. Clinicians can help with the relational, systemic, and some functional aspects of improving specific sexual concerns. We can also help you determine if you need a specialist, such as someone who is a certified sex therapist to assist you further.