Trauma Counseling

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Sequoia Integrative Counseling clinicians have specific training to assist in healing trauma. Our clinicians use current evidence-based modalities that are proven effective for healing trauma. Some of these modalities are EMDR, Somatic Therapies, including Somatic Experiencing. We teach our clients about attachment breaches and repair, neurobiological responses to trauma, and how to identify when shame is affecting the relationships.

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a therapy model developed to heal and process traumatic memories. It is the most evidence-based modality for healing trauma. Practitioners help you to identify the traumatic source of your current problem, then add either vibrating tappers that are handheld, side to side eye movement therapy, or a moving light bar to aid your nervous system in processing the memory. It has a very high success rate. You can look at videos of people doing EMDR sessions on Youtube

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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Somatic Experiencing is also an evidenced-based modality to treat trauma used worldwide. It is a form of psychotherapy focusing on your physical sensations related to trauma. It is based upon the idea that the body has what it needs to heal from the trauma, if only it had a little help with getting our intellectual and cognitive responses out of the way so it can do its work. Therapists help clients to focus on the body sensations and responses to encourage the body and mind to have access to their own resources for healing. To clarify, this is talk therapy and “hands-off” work. It is not the same as energy healing or reiki or other types of bodywork.